Wordle 2022
Wordle 2022

Wordle 2022: Our Simple 2-Step Strategy

Wordle 2022: Wordle has kept me awake at midnight. Literally. I’m usually up until midnight trying to solve the latest puzzle.

The game has become even more rewarding for me since I came up with an innovative, two-step plan that seems to work every time.

My winning streak is 32, and perhaps it’s not important to you, but it’s an all-time high for me.

I thought I’d walk you through my plan of attack to help you start a successful streak for yourself (or keep it running for the next few days).

If you’re here, Wordle does not require any explanation from you. Wordle was created by Josh Wardle (Wardle — Wordle do you get it?) and then bought for huge sums from The New York Times back in January.

The game on the internet gives you six chances to identify a five-letter randomly chosen word. If you do are displayed in various colors, based on whether they’re located at the correct spot on the page or not. It’s addictive and entertaining.

I stuck with the same basic words for quite a while and they’d always be a success for me.

I used to use a lot of “ADIEU” to get in many vowels and often I’d switch”STORY,” or “STORY,” to get the two vowels (sometimes”Y!) along with other major consonants moving. It’s an excellent one. I could revisit it if I’m getting stuck.

Hop on the ‘TRAIN’

These days, I’m beginning every Wordle round by saying “TRAIN,” and then going on”CLOSE. “CLOSE.”

TRAIN is pretty straightforward If you’ve examined the letters that are commonly employed within English words. The five characters that makeup TRAIN comprise the most popular seven letters in use.

The only thing I can say is that almost every time I’m using TRAIN as a word to start with I’m sure to find a couple of right letters, most of the time in the correct spot. It’s also a simple-to-remember word starter for sure.

CLOSE as a possible second option is an interesting alternative. It takes two vowels away from the way as well as C, L and S are also among the top 10 letters that are most frequently used on the list.

Sometimes, however, I do not get any correct letters from CLOSE. However, believe me when I say it helps me as well.

It’s then possible to glance at the keyboard and show me the letters I’ve not yet identified and select the word that contains all proper letters, as well as any major consonants I’ve yet to guess.

Wordle 2022
Wordle 2022

The correct letter is in the wrong spot, but it’s not in the right place.

If you’ve got the correct letter but aren’t sure the proper place to put it in, you could enjoy some fun playing third-guess.

If you are aware of the existence of an F but aren’t sure what it means, try to try to guess a word that contains lots of Fs, such as “FLUFF.”

This way, you’ll be able to at the very least find an F in any of the five places. Also, keep in mind that there could be more than one same letter used.

X marks the location

Another odd suggestion. If I’ve got just two letters that are placed in the right place I’m the only one who needs to check out what the word appears like.

Therefore, I enter the proper letters I have, with Xs on each letter I don’t know about. If I am sure that the word begins with “ON” from my guesses I write the word XXXON.

Then I examine the letters I’ve never thought of on the keyboard and mentally imagine them in the place where the Xs appear. (I do not input the words in a way that is guesswork; I simply look them up for inspiration and then go erase them by backspace.)

If I’m certain there’s another letter, for instance, an A among the other letters, I could try writing it in all the empty spaces -BXXON, XBXON, XXBON — and see if it helps me visualize the words I need to use. Keep in mind that the letters X aren’t a reference to X, they represent “I don’t know this letter.”

Wordle 2022
Wordle 2022

If the Xs are too difficult, you could note down the possibilities by using blanks. This could give you an idea of what you can do.

I chose an X as I love typing it straight in the Wordle grid and X appears most like the blank type to me.

Since these aren’t actually phrases, I don’t have any risk of me pressing enter and making an opportunity to guess wrong.

That’s it. This is my new Wordle method. It’s not the most effective method. But I generally am at a high point with two attempts at thinking.

For additional Wordle techniques and strategies, check out this list of some of the most effective strategies. Additionally, New York Times Games has come up with a brand new method for players to enjoy Wordle. If you’re done playing Wordle to the end of your day you can try these other puzzle games that are addicting.

You can take your Wordle game up a level.

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