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A funny video of ATM theft is going viral on social media these days. In the video, the thieves are seen running away throwing the looted money on the road. According to the report, this incident recorded in CCTV camera is from Telangana. The whole issue is that with the help of a gas cutter, the thieves cut off the ATM machine and filled lakhs of rupees kept in it in a bag. However, as soon as they were about to run away with the money, the police team reached there.

It is visible in the viral video that a vehicle is parked on the road near the ATM machine. Some people get down from it and go inside the ATM. These thieves are keeping the money in the car after filling it in the bag. Meanwhile, the police vehicle reaches there at high speed. Seeing this, the thieves try to run away, when the police rams them with their van. In no time, when the thieves turn back from their car, notes start falling on the road.

‘If the police had delayed even for 30 seconds…’
According to media reports, Sindhu Sharma, SP of Jagtial in Hyderabad told that if his team had delayed even by 30 seconds, the thieves would have escaped from there. He told that the ATM is fitted with an alarm system which is connected to the nearest police station. As soon as the machine was tampered with, a policeman contacted the patrolling vehicle and informed about it. This alerted us immediately and the team reached the spot about 30 seconds before the thieves fled.

Users said – the whole film scene seems
It is being told that this ATM belongs to State Bank of India. Due to the alertness of the police, about 19 lakh rupees were saved from theft. However, the thieves are yet to be arrested. They are being searched by the police team. Officials suspect that the thieves may be from UP or Haryana. At the same time, after watching this viral video, people have praised the readiness of the police. Also, many users say that this incident is completely film style.

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