The Handmaid's Tale 2022 USA

The Handmaid's Tale EP breaks down the "sportsmanship" behind Serena's frightful funeral surprise

Serena Joy Waterford somehow finds the American, Canadian and Gileadian governments bowing to her wish and then has a huge celebration of the funeral Fred on Gilead

While the Waterford was the Commander Waterford definitely did not merit the attention or attention greater forces were working

Gilead's council of governors considered the occasion, which could be broadcast internationally as a powerful postcard for the newly-formed republic

Serena believes this is an opportunity to hold on to her former maid/killer Fred who is free and in Canada

Following June's and Luke were able to spend a date at the ballet and were romantically kissing in the city's center of Toronto

Then, you can watch Fred's funeral procession live in their vicinity to each giant screen

Serena speaks to a group school-aged girls to stop and receive a white flower from one of the girls

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