Nick Kyrgios vs Karen Khachanov US Open Results

Nick Kyrgios vs Karen Khachanov US Open results, scores, and highlights as Russian makes it to the semifinal

A cold performance by Karen Khachanov helped the Russian defeat US Open favorite Nick Kyrgios 7-5 4-6 7-4 7-4 6-7 (3) 4-4 to reach the semi-finals, for the first time in his career

Khachanov was on the field from the beginning of the game and remained calm throughout, enduring an era of Kyrgios dominance and lack of interest

The Aussie appeared to be close to retirement due to a knee injury during the opening set

In the first set, they lost and then won in the 2nd set

With Kyrgios recuperating, Khachanov won again at an essential point in the third set

7-5, before entering the tiebreaker in the fourth set

Kyrgios played at his top performance at the conclusion of the game, but the Russian was not strong enough to take home the most memorable win of his career

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