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The Monkees' Micky Dolenz is suing FBI over a secret dossier' on the band

FBI has a classified file of the 1960s band, but the documents offer only some clues as to the reasons this group was at the top of the attention of federal agent

The band's last remaining members of The Monkees sued the FBI in relation to an "secret dossier" he believes that the FBI has about the band and their former members

Micky Dolenz, 77, the former leader of the infamous British-American 1960s band The lawsuit was brought by his lawyer, Mark Zaid, a freedom of information expert and music lover who told Rolling Stone magazine it would be "fun"

Zaid claimed that he'd encountered Dolenz the singer of the group who recorded hit songs such as I'm a Believer, Last Train to Clarksville, and Daydream Believer, through mutual acquaintances

As reported by Rolling Stone, Zaid said that he'd advised Dolenz the idea that "it might be fun to see if the FBI had a file on him or his former bandmates"

Later, Zaid learned that such the file was and that an extensive edit of a seven-page snippet of the documentary was released 2011

"It's not just an excursion to fish. We're fishing but we're aware there are fish in the water."

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