LeBron James' Social Media Reaction to Shaved-Head Look: 'Welcome to the Bald Side My Brother'

On Tuesday, LeBron James shared a picture of his new shaved head with his fans on his Instagram story.

Fans responded that LeBron James went for a new look, at least on Instagram.

Fans also say on social media that this picture depicts two other famous players of the NBA.

On Twitter, many of the four-time NBA champions celebrated Ganjesir, saying 'change was "empowering".'

One of his fans commented that welcome to my brother's baldness and we were waiting for you for a long time.

Shortly after James shared a picture of his bald head on Instagram Story, "Bald Bron" started trending on Twitter.

Seth Walker tweeted that this would be one of the best versions of Bron ever.

He also says that no one will be able to stop him in today's league, 'May God has mercy on everyone.