Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO, launched a new Nvidia GPU architecture today in his GTC keynote.

Ada Lovelace is named after the mathematician and computer programmer who was widely regarded as the greatest.

Two GPUs were also announced by the company, both based on Ada Lovelace architecture

The Omniverse-focused, L40-powered second-generation OVX system is paired with the workstation-focused RTX 6000, L40, and L40.

Finally, Nvidia announced the launch of Omniverse Cloud, new software and infrastructure-as-a-service.

Ada Lovelace is not part of Nvidia’s Hopper GPU architecture

Ada Lovelace is as good for graphics workloads as Hopper is for AI or HPC workloads.

The GPU is also the best graphics.

Ada Lovelace's new GPU is equipped with 76.3 billion transistors and 18,176 next-gen CUDA Cores, 568 fourth-gen Tensor Cores, and 48GB GDDR6 memory.