Kylie Jenner posts candid Tiktok video of breastfeeding plus getting breast milk on shirt

Also experienced wardrobe malfunction with a video for her Kylie in the Car series

Kylie Jenner also said this is something every new mom can relate to

Kylie Jenner gets distracted while making a Tiktok video inside her car

Kylie Jenner noticed a wet spot on her chest while making a Tiktok video

Kylie Jenner showed off her gray top in a September 13 video saying "Oh, looks like I'm breastfeeding,"

She called this video clip the first episode of her new Kylie in the Car series

When I did a TikTok in the car, it felt like some people got pissed

Showing off her finished lips, Kylie Jenner ended her video by saying,

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