Apple will soon fix camera problems in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max in which Apple's main lens has included 48 megapixels of Camera

This new lens is one of the latest upgrades for this year's Apple devices

American tech giant Apple has said that the company is working on a great software update for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

This software is only intended to fix a bug

Apple physically shakes the device's rear camera when using it inside certain third-party apps.

The manufacturer of the iPhone company also says that they are working on the problem of this Camera.

And by next week, they will fix the room issue on their iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max smartphones.

Many fans of the back-launched iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have taken to their social media to complain about the problem with the camera bag.

Consumers using iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have complained about camera hamper bag inconveniences encountered in social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok platforms.