How Do I Register To Vote: Special Information For Today

Today is very important for us because today is National Voter Registration Day.

Now to cast vote, first of all registration will have to be done, the deadline for registration is in the next month in October.

In today's time, the work of voting by mail is being started in every state of the country.

So that every person can vote safely from wherever he is. Are you also planning to vote by mail?

If you want information about this, then you can get information from the organization When We All Vote. 

Within Connecticut, for you to register for the general election, your application must be voter postmarked by the seventh day before the election.

You can register online to cast your vote on Tuesday 18 October. Because this is the last date for online registration.

The date to register by post (by postmark) to vote in person is also Tuesday 18 October.