Eliza Fletcher Murder Case 2022 Latest Information?

Memphis police discovered the bodies of instructor Eliza Fletcher on Tuesday

Memphis police believe the body discovered in Memphis is that of the teacher who was kidnapped

Memphis police have identified Eliza "Liza" Fletcher, 34, as the person discovered dead on Monday in an unoccupied duplex located in downtown Tennessee

Mulroy confirmed that a suspect who was arrested on Saturday, 38-year-old Cliotha Ebston, will be charged on Wednesday with first-degree murder.

Mulroy stated, "To lose someone so young and important is a tragedy of its own

Memphis Police also say it is too early to identify the "place and method of death" the Chief Cerelyn Davis

Court documents reveal that her husband had reported her missing the next morning

The police arrested Abston close to the Memphis home on the weekend after finding clues, including surveillance footage that shows the abduction

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