Donovan Mitchell 2022 Latest News: Cleveland Cavaliers Acquire Utah Jazz Star Donovan Mitchell in Blockbuster Busine

Following an agreement between the New York Knicks tentatively negotiated Monday night after the game

Cleveland Cavaliers aggressively pursued the Cleveland Cavaliers aggressively pursued

Three-time All-Star Guard Donovan Mitchell in a trade with the Utah Jazz

Saxton has signed a four-year agreement for a sign-and-trade worth $72 million for joining the Jazz

The deal will transform into the Cavaliers to an Eastern Conference contender with potential lasting power

Adds Michelle to a line-up, This seems to be on track to become an All-NBA star

Utah has changed its roster through off-season transfers by the All-Star Rudy Gobert and now Mitchell

Altman called Utah General Manager Justin Zanick on Tuesday morning and continued discussions with Zanick on Tuesday morning

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