60 girls of Chandigarh University made viral by making MMS while bathing

Chandigarh University student accused of making MMS video of 60 bathing girls.

The manager of Chandigarh University says that the girl has made her own MMS clip.

The manager also said that the rest of the girl students did not make videos and neither has anyone tried to commit suicide here

There has been a huge controversy over an objectionable MMS video clip in Chandigarh near Mohali in the state of Punjab

The matter is that a video of 60 girl students of Chandigarh University Hostel was made by a student of the university while taking a bath

After making the video, the student of that university sent that video to her male friend (in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh)

After this, her man made the video clip viral by sharing it on social media and after the video went viral, the matter got blown up in the air

On the night of Saturday (September 17, 2022) over this video clip controversy, the students of the campus living there protested very heavily

The student of the university has categorically denied this video clip