Alaska Special Election Result 2022

Sarah Palin Suffers Special Election Defeat for Alaska House Seat

Democrat Mary Peltola won the special election to fill Alaska's House seat through the remainder of 2022

according to unofficial results released by as per unofficial election results released by Alaska Division of Elections, winning over former Gov.

Sarah Palin's dream of a return to powerat a minimum for a few months

Peltola won the vote on Wednesday, when Peltola won the election Wednesday when Alaskan Division of Elections tabulated polls using ranked choice in the first state-wide implementation of this method

If she wins , she'll assume the seat that was held for nearly 50 years by the former GOP Rep

Don Young and will make history as the sole Alaska Native in Congress

Young's campaign was seen by the country as an effort to regain the power of Palin who was in 2008 the Republican vice-presidential candidate

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