Tubi is set to launch four new original Black cinema thrillers from : “The Assistant,” “Best Friend,” “You’re Not Alone” and “No Way Out.”

The four upcoming thrillers are directed by Christopher B. Stokes (“You Got Served,” “The Stepmother”) from scripts the filmmaker co-wrote with Marques Houston. Stokes and Houston also serve as executive producers on the films, with Footage Films president Juanita Stokes as producer. Tubi has previously worked with Footage Films on several original films, including “The Stepmother” and “The Stepmother 2.”

Per the logline, “The Assistant” follows doctor Raven Fields (Erica Mena) who “finds herself drowning in work and looks to hire an assistant to help with her day-to-day. Taking a chance on a young and cheery woman, Raven believes she’s found the perfect person until assistance turns into obsession, and she risks losing everything, including her life.” In addition to Mena, the film stars Parker McKenna Posey, Flex Alexander, Erica Hubbard, Ray Cunningham, Herb Kimble and Billi King. “The Assistant” premieres Jan. 20.

“Best Friend” follows Trisha Freeman (Serayah McNeil) and Jamie Dawson (Houston), two friends since childhood who have never thought of one another in a romantic way. When Trisha meets someone, Jamie begins to question their friendship and, consumed by jealousy, tries to keep Trisha and her new love interest apart. McNeil, Houston, Blue Kimble, Tremayne Norris, Wesley Jonathan, Ashley Martelle and Stephanie Acevedo star. Additional executive producers include Lee Tiffith, Kanika McNeil and Serayah. “Best Friend” premieres Feb. 24.

The “You’re Not Alone” logline reads: “When his flight is delayed coming home from a business trip, Keith Mitchell (Michael Jai White) has to leave his daughter Alexis (Precious Way), who’s stuck at home under house arrest, alone for the night. Once Keith is finally in the air with full bars of WiFi, he notices a stranger enter the house on his security system. Unable to warn Alexis when the WiFi suddenly cuts out, Keith sits helpless from 30,000 feet in the air while his daughter fights for her life.” Along with White and Way, the film stars Mena, Justin Sweat, Earanequa Carter, Vincent Rivera, Tamera Kissen, Mike Hill, Paul Logan, Robinne Lee, King and Keith Sweat, who also executive produces. “You’re Not Alone” premieres March 24.

“No Way Out” focuses on Brian Nelson (Houston), “a former attorney struggling to cope with life following a traumatic and tragic event.” When drug dealer Anthony Santiago (Casper Smart) forces Brian to take on his double murder trial, Brian discovers that the case isn’t as black and white as it appears. Houston, Lyrica Anderson, Smart and Cassidey Fralin star. “No Way Out” premieres March 29.

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