Everyone wants to get a good rank in the UPSC exam so that they can get the post of IAS. Every year lakhs of candidates appear for the UPSC exam, out of which only a few manage to achieve their desired rank. Today we are going to tell you about Dr. Akshita Gupta, who has cleared the UPSC 2021 exam with 69th rank in her first attempt. Let us know what was his preparation strategy.

Before giving UPSC exam, Akshita Gupta took MBBS degree. Talking about her preparation, she said, “I scored well in my optional as I used to revise daily. Smart revision is the most important link to crack this exam.

The IAS officer says, she has scored 299 marks out of 500 in her optional subject. Let me tell you, his optional subject was Medical Science.

Akshita, a resident of Panchkula, Haryana, was pursuing her MBBS at Government Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh. In the third year of college, he also started preparing for UPSC CSE exam. Let me tell you, he did all the preparation for the optional subject by himself.

This is how Akshita prepared for UPSC

At the time when Akshita was preparing for UPSC, she used to do internship as well. She said, “I was very busy for two months for me. I used to go to the hospital and then study. My optional was pending. I qualified for prelims but felt that mains was not my cup of tea. Everything was falling apart.”

The IAS officer used to study in the hospital with a break of 15 minutes between her 14-hour job. For his optional exam in Mains, he prepared topics that included topics like surgery and anatomy.

He said, “I took all my medicine books and tore pages related to UPSC syllabus. Tearing up my books was painful, but I knew I was doing it for the good. I took all the pages, stapled them and made chapters so that I didn’t have to make notes for everything. In this way, I prepared for alternative medical science,”

He further added, “For the rest of the subjects, I followed a test series. In which you prepare a subject and give a test of that subject. This helped me to complete the syllabus in three months,”

improved writing

“Another challenge before me was to improve my writing as doctors are known to have bad handwriting,” said Akshita.

IAS Akshita gave tips

He said if there is any book, booklet or current affairs magazine, then I used to have three types of strategies to learn it. which is like this

– readings
– underlining
– Important Points

While preparing for mains, Akshita suggests writing down important facts about each subject in a neat, thin register. So that you can easily revise a few days before the exam.

He said, “When you start your day, revise what you have learned on the previous day. By doing this your preparation will be stronger. Revision is very important for the preparation of this exam. If a candidate who Studying but not revising even once, in such a situation he has less chances to remember anything.Keep your syllabus to minimum, but revise maximum.

Candidates get stuck in job and studies

According to Akshita one mistake candidates make is that they start preparing for the exam during their job and attempt to appear in the same year.

She suggests that before appearing for the exam – even if it takes two to three years. First understand the syllabus thoroughly. Permanent job holders can also clear UPSC exam if they spend four to five hours daily in preparation.

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