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Although many stories of wedding processions have been heard and seen, however, the matter that has come to the fore this time has surprised everyone. The matter is of Farrukhabad district of UP. A procession had come here in a village. Preparations were going on for the Dwarachar ceremony. When people suspected something on the groom, the girl’s brother handed over the money to the groom and asked him to count it.

When the groom could not count the money, the groom told this to the bride’s sister. On listening to her brother, the bride got angry and refused to marry the groom. This decision of the bride created a stir among the baratis and relatives. The efforts to persuade the bride went on till late night but she did not agree. According to the information, the bride’s side held the groom’s side hostage and they have also been accused of assault.

A villager from Mainpuri district took his son’s wedding procession to a village on Thursday evening. The procession was welcomed with pomp. Here the ceremony of vaccination was completed. The preparations for the Darwaza program were going on when the discussion about the bridegroom started. It was said that the boy is not educated. On this, the bride’s brother put 2100 rupees on the groom’s hand and when asked to count, he could not count. Brother gave this information to his sister. Due to this the girl refused to marry.

There was a dispute between both the sides. The people of the groom’s side informed the police. It is said that the family members of the girl had thrashed the baraatis and taken them hostage. On this the police reached the spot and brought both the parties to the police station. Later the panchayat was held. After the panchayat of the transaction, the groom returned without the bride.

Groom could not count Rs 2100

The matter is said to be two days old. The groom had reached the girl’s door with a procession. The eating and drinking had started. Most of the Baraati went to eat food. On the other hand, the Dvarachar ceremony also started. Meanwhile, the bride’s brother handed over 2100 rupees to the groom and asked him to count. For a long time the groom kept turning over the notes, but he could not count the money. Seeing this, the bride’s brother standing there was stunned and then he informed his sister about it.

Bride said – do not marry with thumb impression

The bride refused to marry as soon as she came to know that the husband-to-be was a thumb impression. The bride said, I cannot marry a thumb impression. There was an uproar on this issue as well. Seeing the ruckus before seven rounds, the girl’s side called the police. The police reached the spot and took both the parties to the police station.

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