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Shankar Mishra Air India Case: Shankar Mishra, a passenger who used toilet on co-passenger in Air India flight in the month of November, is not taking the name of abating. New information is coming out one after the other. While Shankar Mishra’s father claimed that his son was not at fault and the incident did not even happen. On the other hand, the co-passenger sitting next to Shankar Mishra during the incident has told many things and also held the pilot responsible for not handling the incident properly. He told that Shankar Mishra was scared after the incident and said that brother, I think I am in trouble.

Dr Saugata Bhattacharjee was sitting next to Shankar Mishra in the Air India flight that day. He has told that I am not so outspoken. I waited but when her father said that it had not happened, it incensed me.” She further added that a woman’s dignity has been played with. Tata’s name has been tarnished. It is not a happy story. But at the end of the day, it was a moral call to me, it was morality and I felt it was my moral obligation.”

‘Mishra and the woman were not supposed to sit face to face’
Mishra’s father had said that his son was innocent and could not do this to a woman of his mother’s age. Delhi Police arrested 34-year-old Mishra from Bengaluru through technical surveillance. He has been sent to judicial custody for 14 days by a Delhi court. Bhattacharjee further said that in any case when a crime is committed, there should be no attempt to mediate in it. He should not have put the victim and Mishra face to face for any conversation. The Captain should have alerted the ground staff about the incident before landing, and ensure that Mishra is handed over to the authorities, who take appropriate action.

‘Brother I’m in trouble’
Recalling the incident, Bhattacharjee said Mishra was drinking while having lunch and had consumed four pegs during lunch. Bhattacharjee told that during this time he fell asleep and when he woke up, he saw that Mishra was awake. By then the incident had happened and the crew had spoken to him once. He said that the first thing Mishra said to him after the incident was, “Brother, I think I am in trouble.” To this I replied that yes, you are. On this Shankar said that I do not know what to do. I don’t remember anything. I didn’t sleep, I drank too much. He said that as soon as Shankar regained consciousness, he looked scared.

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