8 January The list of the world’s richest actors has been shared on the Twitter account of World of Statistics, in which Shah Rukh Khan remains at number four. According to this list of World of Statistics, Shahrukh Khan has assets worth more than 6 thousand 300 crores according to 770 million dollars i.e. Indian Rupee. Hollywood actor Tom Cruise, whose popularity is also very strong and he has fans all over the world, is at number five in this list. In this list, his net worth has been stated as more than 620 million dollars i.e. 5 thousand 90 crores.

See the list of world’s richest actors

In this list, 8 richest actors of the world have been included, in which these actors are included.

1. Jerry Seinfeld (American) – $ 1 billion (Rs 8200 crore)

2. Tyler Perry (American) – $ 1 billion (Rs 8200 crore)

3. Dan Johnson (American) – 800 million dollars (6500 crores)

4. Shahrukh Khan (Indian) – 770 million dollars (6300 crores)

5. Tom Cruise (American) – 620 million dollars (590 crores)

6. Jackie Chan (Hong Kong) – 520 million dollars (4200 crores)

7. George Clooney (American) – 500 million dollars (4100 crores)

8. Robert De Niro (American) – 500 million dollars (4100 crores)

Shahrukh Khan has once again come into the limelight of social media after this list of World of Statistics surfaced on Twitter. However, if we talk about his workfront, his film ‘Pathan’ is going to be released in theaters on January 25. Apart from this, in the year 2023, Shahrukh will also be seen in ‘Jawan’ and ‘Danki’.

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