Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat (RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat) has said that Muslims in India have nothing to fear. However, while giving an admonition, he also said that Muslims should give up ‘supremacist statements’. Bhagwat said that Hindu is our identity, nationality and tendency to consider everyone as our own and take them along. Islam also does not face any threat in the country, but it will have to leave the feeling of ‘we are big’. Sarsanghchalak Bhagwat also supported the LGBT community in interviews given to ‘Organiser’ and ‘Panchjanya’.

Respect for the privacy of the LGBT community
Mohan Bhagwat said that the privacy of the LGBT community should be respected and the Sangh would encourage this idea. People with this kind of inclination have always been there, ever since human beings have existed… It is biological, a way of life. We want the LGBT community to have their right to privacy and feel that they are also a part of this society. It is a simple matter.

transgender people are not the problem
Bhagwat said – Transgender people are not a problem. They have their own cult, they have their own gods and goddesses. Now they have Mahamandaleshwar. The Sangh has no different view on this. Hindu tradition has considered these things. Hindu is our identity, nationality and tendency to consider everyone as our own and take them along.

We have to leave the feeling that we were kings
The RSS chief said that Hindusthan should remain Hindusthan, it is a simple matter. There is no harm to the Muslims in India. He is and wants to be, be. Want to return to the ancestor, come. It is on his mind. There is no threat to Islam in India, but we are big, we were kings once, we became kings again… this has to be left and every community has to leave it. Even if he is a Hindu, he too will have to give up (this attitude). He is a communist, he will also have to leave.

Make a far-reaching policy on population
In response to a question asked about population policy, Mohan Bhagwat said that population is a burden as well as a useful thing. In such a situation, a policy should be made on this with far-reaching and deep thinking. This policy should be equally applicable to all but it will not work forcefully. You have to educate for this. Population imbalance is an unviable thing because wherever such imbalance has happened, the country is broken, it has been seen all over the world.

Hindu is the only society which is not aggressive
Bhagwat said that Hindu is the only society which is not aggressive. That’s why non-aggression, non-violence, democracy, secularism… everything has to be preserved. We saw Timor, Sudan, Pakistan was formed, we also saw this. Why did this happen? Leaving aside politics, if we think neutrally why Pakistan was formed? India was united. How this country broke down after the attack of Islam and the departure of the British… We had to suffer all this because we all forgot the Hindu spirit then.

No one has the power to tease freedom now
The RSS chief said – Now no one has the power to disturb our political freedom. Hindu will remain in this country, Hindu will not go anywhere, it is now confirmed. Hindu has now awakened. Now we have to win the battle within and present the solution we have.

Sangh is concerned with the politics of national interest
Bhagwat also expressed his opinion on Artificial Intelligence. He said that people are now afraid of it because if it continues uninterrupted, tomorrow the machine will rule. On RSS’s association with political issues despite being a cultural organization, Mohan Bhagwat said that Sangh has deliberately kept itself away from politics, but it is always associated with such politics which affects our national policies, national interest and Hindu interest. Huh.

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