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The controversy has intensified over Bihar Education Minister Chandrashekhar’s comment on the Hindu religious text Ramcharitmanas. Not only this, this matter has once again exposed the rift in the ruling coalition. On one hand, Nitish Kumar has been seen keeping distance from this matter, while Lalu Yadav’s RJD has defended him. When asked questions in this regard, Nitish Kumar said that I do not know what the minister has said. I will talk to him. This comment of Nitish Kumar, who reached Madhubani, has been seen as an attempt to avoid the whole controversy. However, Chandrashekhar himself is adamant on his point and has refused to apologise. At the same time, RJD has also supported him and lashed out at BJP.

Chandrasekhar has said even after the controversy that a part of Ramcharitmanas creates discrimination. He refused to apologise, saying, “I don’t need to apologise.” Anyone can read what I have said. The BJP is not aware of the facts and is unnecessarily creating controversy. In a university program, Chandrashekhar had said that like Manusmriti and Guru Golwalkar’s Bunch of Thoughts, Ramcharitmanas also spreads hatred in the society. The BJP is attacking his statement and has called it an insult to Hindus. Not only this, celebrities like poet Kumar Vishwas have also criticized Chandrashekhar.

Minister of Bihar who called Ramcharitmanas a hater surrounded, FIR in Delhi

RJD’s Rajya Sabha MP Manoj Jha has definitely defended Chandrashekhar. He said that the kind of reactions that are coming from BJP and others, it seems that if Kabir had been there in today’s era, he too would not have been allowed to live. He said that apart from a part of Ramcharitmanas, the minister has also mentioned two other books. We all know that these books contain many generations old things. Even though we consider them sacred, but there are many such things in many books of all religions, which cannot be called relevant in today’s era. Jha said that the minister had only said about those things. He had no other purpose than this.

Kumar Vishwas also demanded an apology, Chirag was also targeted

Acharya Kunal Kishore, secretary of Patna’s Mahavir Mandir Trust, has also taken a jibe at the minister’s statement. He said that Chandrashekhar’s statement is like identifying an elephant among the blind. He said that Ramcharitmanas is a book full of love and human values. On the other hand, poet Kumar Vishwas called Chandrashekhar illiterate. He told Nitish Kumar to immediately remove Chandrashekhar and send his programs to listen to the story in their respective Ram. Kumar Vishwas even said that Chandrashekhar should apologize immediately. He said that if Chandrashekhar had said something like this about any other religion, would he have remained alive. LJP leader Chirag Paswan also attacked and said that the minister has no right to play with the sentiments of the people for his political gains. He should apologize for this.

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