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Rahul Gandhi Job: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir is about to end. The journey that started from the south passed through many states including Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, during which Rahul came face to face with the people, problems and culture there. During this padyatra, many stories related to Rahul’s personal life also came to the fore. It has come to know from the recent interview of Rahul that he has also worked in a company many years ago. Although, this thing is also written on Rahul Gandhi’s personal website, but hardly few people would know about the job and salary.

Talking to a YouTube channel called ‘CurlyTales’, Rahul Gandhi told about his first job which he did in London. Rahul said, did the first job in London. The name of this company was ‘Monitor Company, which was a strategic consulting company.’ He continued, ‘I remember the first pay check that I got. That was a lot for those times.” When Rahul Gandhi was asked what he had done with that money, he said that he was living on rent, so that was all spent.

How much salary did Rahul get?
Rahul told about the salary that it was a huge amount. He said, “About 2500 pounds or three thousand pounds were found, which was quite a lot.” At that time Rahul Gandhi was about 25 years old. When Rahul was asked what are the three words he utters when he is angry. To this Rahul replied that I keep quiet. Or else I say ‘Don’t do that’. In this interview many aspects related to Rahul’s personal life were asked.

What are the things kept in the side drawer of the bed?
The Congress MP was further asked in the interview that what he keeps in the bed side drawer, he said that he keeps passport, ID, Rudraksha, picture of Lord Shiva and Buddha, wallet and phone in it. He also told that he does not run much social media. Rahul Gandhi was asked that if he becomes the Prime Minister of the country, what are the three things that he would like to do? On this, the Congress MP said that I would like to transform the education system. Would like to help people doing production, who have small businesses and are struggling. India needs at this time to take small business to big business. He also said that he would like to provide security to those people who are facing very bad times. Like- farmers, labour, unemployed youth etc.

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