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Russia has been at war with Ukraine for almost a year. Many horrifying pictures of the devastation of the war of the last 11 months have been seen but there is no sign of stopping the war. Rather, Vladimir Putin’s plans are to intensify the war in the coming days. If Russia takes further steps against Ukraine, the possibility of natural hazards such as tsunami will increase. The whole world has witnessed the horrors of Tsunami in the past. This time Putin’s craze can cause a tsunami. Let’s find out how?

Putin’s country has made this impossible possible. In the war with Ukraine, Moscow has created such a ‘Brahmastra’, which can create a tsunami-like tidal wave. Russia has developed a special type of nuclear powered torpedo. Which is named ‘Poseidon’. This torpedo will be launched from a nuclear powered submarine. The work of that submarine is also in the final stage.

was introduced to the world in 2018

In 2018, this weapon was first made public by Putin. Since then, Russia has been practicing with this sophisticated and dangerous weapon. Recently the work of making that weapon has been completed.

According to the Russian news agency Toss, in the first phase, the work of making this special torpedo powered by nuclear energy named ‘Poseidon’ has been completed. Soon it will be sent to the Naval Base in Belgrade.

This weapon can cover long distance

Poseidon is the god of the sea in Greek mythology. This weapon is named after him. But it’s not just torpedoes. This weapon is a combination of drone and torpedo. It is a self-propelled nuclear powered missile. Which is capable of hitting targets at long ranges after being launched from a submarine.

There is no such weapon in the world that can destroy this weapon of Putin. That is, it is claimed to be imperishable. This weapon can attack the enemy silently. If the torpedo is fired into a coastal area, it can generate a huge tidal wave like a tsunami. This weapon is so powerful that it can destroy American coastal cities.


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