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today Sakat Chauth It is a holy festival of On this day Lord Shri Ganesha is worshiped according to the rules and regulations. It is known by different names at different places in the country. This fast is known by the names of Sankashti Chaturthi, Lambodar Sankashti Chaturthi, Tilkut Chauth, Tilkut Chaturthi, Sankat Chauth, Maghi Chauth, Til Chauth etc. In Sakat Chauth Vrat, mothers fast for the whole day to wish for the long life and happiness and prosperity of their children. It is believed that by observing the fast of Sakat Chauth and worshiping Lord Ganesha, all the troubles that come upon the child go away. The moon of Sakat Chauth has started appearing all over the country. Arghya is offered to the moon only after the sighting of the moon.

Offer Arghya with this method- A little milk mixed with water in a silver vessel should be offered to the moon. It is very beneficial to offer ardhya to the moon in the evening. By offering Arghya to the moon, all the negative thoughts coming in the mind, ill-will and health are benefited. Offering Arghya to the moon also strengthens the position of the moon.

Keep these things in mind-

1. Do not wear black clothesBlack color is a symbol of inauspiciousness in Hinduism. That’s why black clothes should not be worn during any auspicious or auspicious work. In such a situation, women should not wear black clothes during Sakat Chauth fast. Wear red or yellow colored clothes during this fast.

2. Keep these things in mind while offering Arghya to Chandradev– After worshiping Lord Ganesha during the Sakat Chauth fast, there is a law to offer Arghya to the moon in the evening. However, while offering Arghya, keep in mind that water should not splash on your feet during Arghya.

3. Don’t include this thing in Sakat Chauth fastTulsi leaves should never be included in the worship of Lord Ganesha. Durva is very dear to Lord Shri Ganesh. That’s why definitely include Durva grass in Sakat Chauth worship.

4. The fast becomes complete only after offering Arghya to the moon. Sakat Chauth fast is considered complete only after offering Arghya to the moon. The fast of Sakat Chauth is not considered complete without offering Arghya to the moon.

Chant this mantra while offering Arghya to the moon-

Gaganarnavamanikya Chandra Dakshayanipate.
Gharhanarghya Maya Dattan Ganesh Pratirupak ॥

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