Saturday Night Live” went heavy on recent TV and movie hits on Saturday, with cleverly-executed skits from “M3GAN,” “The White Lotus” and “Avatar: The Way of Water” livening up the selection of material.

“M3GAN” star Allison Williams made a cameo on “Saturday Night Live” spoofing a trailer for the sequel, M3GAN 2.0, celebrating the doll’s status as a gay icon on NBC’s Jan. 21 broadcast.

The trailer — featuring both host Aubrey Plaza and Chloe Fineman as the doll — declares the movie is a hit with audiences, including captivated one demographic most of all: gay men.

“It’s like ‘Bros,’ but for gays,” read one fake review from Variety.

As M3GAN, Plaza suggests hitting a drag show and doing poppers, and as she threatens to strangle Yang declaring she is bored, Williams bursts in to save the day.

“Wait, are you from the show, “Girls’?” Yang asks.

In another sketch, Fineman portrayed Jennifer Coolidge in “White Lotus” in the parody, “The Black Lotus.” Cast member Kenan Thompson took on the role of concierge.

“Oh, gosh, I forgot my credit card. I must have left it in the limousine, is that OK, can you trust me?” asks FIneman.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” gets a cheeky SNL parody with Aubrey Plaza.

“No, I can’t,” Thompson replied. “I don’t know you. I’m trying to run a business!”

An announcer then intones: “Coming soon to HBO, Black Lotus. All the decadence, all the intrigue, none of the foolishness.”

Michael Imperioli’s character — attempting to check in — is embarrassed as his guests are referred to as “hoes” that can charge anything they want to the room because they are given a spare key, while Plaza portrays a Latina bartender instead of her “White Lotus” character, Harper.

Later, Plaza and Heidi Gardner drop in to surprise the “Avatar: The Way of Water” cast as blue, sunglass-wearing “lesbians from Arizona.”

Watch “The Black Lotus” below.

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