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In Madhya Pradesh’s Rajgarh district, the scene of the film ‘Sholay’ in which ‘Veeru’ was shown climbing a water tank and creating ruckus to marry ‘Basanti’ was recreated. It is said that in Khilchipur of Rajgarh district, after being scolded by the minor girlfriend’s mother, the angry boyfriend first drank alcohol and then climbed on the water tank and started creating ruckus like Veeru of the film ‘Sholay’. The young man started making a loud noise and demanded to get married to the alleged girlfriend. The young man also bled himself by stabbing his hands. Later, he fell on the tank itself after getting dizzy. When the information was received by the administration police, the officers and policemen reached the spot and brought down the youth after a lot of effort.

This incident is of Kalji Badli area of ​​Khilchipur. The police managed to convince the madman to bring him down and took him to the hospital. After treatment, the policemen took the young man in front of Khilchipur’s SDM Pallavi Vaidya for counselling. The young man said in front of the SDM- I love her for three years but her family members are not ready for our marriage. His family members do not even allow us to meet him. The girl’s mother had threatened to kill me. I thought why not die myself, so climbed on the water tank.

The young man works as an electrician. He told the SDM that three years ago he fell in love with a girl from the same locality. When the matter progressed, both of them swore to get married. Now the girlfriend being a minor is coming in the way of marriage. It is told that when the love affair of both of them started being discussed in the locality, the parents of the girl scolded the young man on Tuesday morning. The girl’s relatives told the young man to stay away from their daughter, otherwise he would get beaten up a lot. Hurt by this, the young man first drank alcohol on Wednesday morning, then climbed on the water tank built in the locality. He also had a knife in his hand.

The young man climbed on the tank and made several stabs on his hand with a knife. After some time he got dizzy and fell on the tank itself. He has an injury on his head. The SDM explained to the young man that the girl is still 17 years old i.e. a minor. It would be illegal to marry her. Let him grow up. After that we will get her married wherever she says because then she will be legally free to take her own decisions. On this, the boy folded his hands and said that he had an affair with the girl for three years. The boy told that he has 25,00 videos of the girl and more than 250 photos. You tell me what should I do with them. On this the SDM said to delete them. Station in-charge Khilchipur Ravindra Chawaria told that SDM madam has explained to the young man.

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