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Israel’s state-owned company Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has developed a missile that can be launched by hand. The company says that this missile can also return to the soldier’s hand without exploding. Not only this, it can also be launched through a drone. IAI has tied up with the US Department of Defense for this missile for the American market. This contract is for many years and for several billion dollars.

This device has been named Point Blank by the company, which is a small electro-optical guided missile. A soldier can also carry it on his back. Point Blank can only be launched and operated by a single soldier. Such weapons are also known as ‘suicide drones’ or ‘kamikaze drones’. The Point Blank missile is also being compared to Iran’s Kamikaze drone. The company claims that there is little to no margin of error in this.

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A video has been released by IAI regarding the use of this device, in which a person is seen launching it. It can also be seen successfully hitting its target. According to the IAI, the device weighs 6.8 kg and is 90 cm (3 ft) long. It can fly up to an altitude of 460 meters (15,00 ft) and has a maximum speed of 286 km per hour (176mph). The operator can also rotate it in the air according to its target.

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Regarding Point Blank, IAI claims that it has an electro-optical system for real-time surveillance information. The device is also equipped with ammunition to destroy the target. According to the company, after releasing this missile, if the operator feels that he does not want to do so, he can also land it back in his hand. IAI says that this is a multi-billion dollar project under which new missiles are to be given to the US Defense Department.

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