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Russia Ukraine War: The Russia-Ukraine war is about to last a year, but both sides are not getting upset. Western countries are helping Ukraine against Russia, this has increased its military capability. Ukraine has stepped up retaliatory attacks on Russia in recent days. America has recently announced to give 90 combat vehicles and Patriot missiles to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russia is worried that Ukraine may launch a missile attack on the capital Moscow. To avoid this, Russia has deployed missile launchers and anti-missile defense systems on high-rise buildings in Moscow. In this sequence, anti-air missile system has been deployed near the official residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to ‘The Daily Mail’, a Pantsir-S1 defense system has been seen on the roof of the Russian Defense Ministry’s National Defense Management Center (NTsUO), near Frunzenskaya, the command center for Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

A video showed the same powerful system being moved to a roof in Teterinsky Lane in the Taganka district, a mile and a half from the Kremlin. Another video clip shows the deployment of another Pantsir-S1 complex near the country retreat of the Russian President in Novo-Ogarevo. It is clear that these deployments have been done to protect Russian bases from attack by Ukrainian drones or missiles.

A Russian Telegram channel military informant has acknowledged the fact that Moscow with a population of 12 million is no longer safe. The recent deployment of anti-missile systems has also exposed the fact that the Russian military is now fearful of possible attacks from the Ukrainian military.

On Wednesday, photographs of the deployment of advanced S-400 missile defense systems at two sites in Moscow became public. One belonged to the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy in the northwest of the city and the other in a national park on Losini Island in the northeast, where trees were felled for the deployment of anti-missile systems. According to the Daily Mail, there are reports of such deployments at half a dozen sites in Moscow.

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