The proprietor of the “Crazy Days and Nights” gossip blog has filed a motion to throw out a defamation suit filed in November by Diana Jenkins, a former cast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Jenkins is seeking to reveal the true identity of the proprietor, who goes by the pseudonym Enty Lawyer. Jenkins alleges that Enty Lawyer has repeatedly defamed her with allegations that she is a high-end sex trafficker.

Enty Lawyer’s attorney, Ken White, filed a motion last week to strike the lawsuit under California’s anti-SLAPP statute, which protects defendants from frivolous suits intended to chill speech on topics of public interest.

The motion argues that Jenkins’ suit is unlikely to prevail in part because readers do not expect to get literal, provable facts from “Crazy Days and Nights,” which has been publishing blind items about celebrity sex scandals for the last 16 years.

“He has a reputation for getting some things wrong,” White wrote. “His tone is informal, snarky and salacious, and lacks ‘indicia of reliability.’ All of these factors combine to make readers much more likely to perceive his statements as salacious hyperbole and overheated rhetoric rather than provable literal fact.”

The motion also argues that many of Jenkins’ claims are barred by the one-year statute of limitations. It also states that Jenkins is a public figure, and that therefore she must show that Enty Lawyer acted with “actual malice,” which she cannot do.

Jenkins’ lawsuit takes issue with a series of statements made in tweets, blind items and podcast appearances. The motion goes through 24 of them, arguing that they do not rise to the level of a provably false statement of fact, or if they do, the statements were not made with actual malice.

In one tweet, Enty Lawyer wrote that Jenkins had “spent a LOT of time with Jeffrey Epstein,” and showed a photo of another woman with Epstein. The motion argues that the tweet was essentially an honest mistake.

“Enty Lawyer concedes that the picture did not depict Ms. Jenkins with Jeffrey Epstein,” White wrote. “But when he published the tweet he believed it did.”

Enty Lawyer also concedes he was mistaken when he said that Jenkins’ began dating her husband when he was 16. The motion chalks that mistake up to a mistranslation of an article written in Bosnian.

Another statement related to a June 30, 2022 blind item that described a “very recent reality star” who allegedly worked at a strip club, cheated on her fiancé and dated a professional football player while in high school.

“Enty Lawyer took the entire content of that post from an anonymous email he received which included a very detailed discussion of Ms. Jenkins’ youth and history,” White wrote. “Based on the level of detail and familiarity Enty Lawyer believed it to be true.”

Other statements touch on the subjects of prostitution, professional soccer, money laundering, Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Malibu real estate and the assassination of the president of Haiti.

The motion includes a declaration from Enty Lawyer, in which he says he is an adult resident of California. He also says that he blogs anonymously “to protect myself from threats and harassment,” and that anonymous speech is protected by the First Amendment and the California Constitution.

Jenkins’ attorney, J. Erik Connolly, defended the lawsuit in a statement on Monday.

“In his motion, for the first time, Enty Lawyer has admitted that he got things wrong,” Connolly said. “He also appears to be arguing that no one should or does take him seriously, which ignores the fact that his followers repeated his lies and attacked Diana online. I continue to feel strongly about the merits of Diana’s case and am hopeful that we are one step closer to stopping the proliferation of hateful misinformation from anonymous internet bullies.”

Jenkins also issued her own statement: “This person made disgusting, harmful and completely untrue allegations about me, knowing they weren’t true and knowing they would hurt me — all while hiding behind an anonymous screen name. That is inexcusable. Those allegations hurt me personally, and damaged my reputation. He must be held accountable.”

Jenkins also announced on Instagram on Monday that she will not be returning for the next season of “Real Housewives.”

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