Did 8 girls really try to commit suicide in Chandigarh University?
Did 8 girls really try to commit suicide at Chandigarh University?

Did 8 girls really try to commit suicide at Chandigarh University?

Did 8 girls really try to commit suicide at Chandigarh University?: Right now a controversy is going on in Chandigarh University to make a video MMS of 60 girls taking a bath and there has been a huge uproar in Chandigarh after the video clip of the girls went viral.

After the new video of Chandigarh University girls went viral, the girls protested fiercely. And demanded justice from the administration.

While harassing the girls inside Chandigarh University, the girls also raised slogans of “We Want Justice” and those girls say that their video has been made while taking a bath in the bathroom and it has been made viral on social media.

The girls also say that since the video of these bathroom videos went viral, 8 girls have tried to commit suicide, but the girls have also alleged that the Chandigarh University Administration is trying to suppress the matter.

For information, let us tell you that WhatsApp messages of girls who have tried to commit suicide are also going viral on their social media.

The girls who tried to commit suicide have been admitted to the hospital. It is not common for those girls to commit suicide. But it is not understood that why Chandigarh University does not want to expose this matter.

After investigation about the matter of making video clips in the university, it has come to the fore that a girl from the university has made a video clip from the bathroom and shared it with her boyfriend and his friends. Due to this, the video went viral.

During the demonstration, the girls also clashed with the police

After the girls came to know about the video being made of the bathroom, all the angry girls protested fiercely on campus on Saturday night. When this news reached the police, the police reached the spot but the girl students were very angry and the police clashed.

The angry girls created a huge ruckus after the arrival of the police and together they ransacked hard vehicles. But the police arrested the accused girl who made the video of the bathroom, understanding Moke’s exasperation at the same time.

The girls also say that those girls who tried to commit suicide had seen their viral videos on social media. That’s why those girls tried to commit suicide by filling them with self-loathing.

When the condition of the suicide girls became serious, they were admitted to the hospital. Seeing their deteriorating condition, their families have been informed.

During the investigation, it has come to the fore that the girl, who was living with her roommate, had been making videos of them from the beginning and then sent them to her male friends. Who lives in Shimla?

The girls also say that the university administration has tried to suppress the matter by not taking the proper action in this matter. Due to proper action taken by the university administration, we all staged this protest.

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