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Sachin Pilot News: The demand of Sachin Pilot’s group to change the Chief Minister in Rajasthan has not been fulfilled till now. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot continues in his post and has been claiming that he has the support of most of the MLAs. After the controversy in the month of September last year, it was believed that the change of leadership in Rajasthan is fixed and Sachin Pilot can be handed over the command at any time, but till now this has not happened. After meeting Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi several times, now Sachin Pilot has made preparations to hit the road. Political experts are considering these public meetings and public relations of Pilot as a decision taken to show ‘strength’ to the Congress high command.

Pilots making pressure on the road?
Sachin Pilot has informed by tweeting that he will do daily public meetings and public relations from January 16 to January 20. In Nagaur, Hanumangarh, Jhunjhunu, Pali and Jaipur, the pilots will meet people and understand their problems. The landing of the pilot is to send a message to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot as well as the Congress high command. The clear message from the pilot is that they cannot wait any longer. If Congress President Kharge does not give him the responsibility, he will not sit quietly for long. They will further strengthen their claim by going among the public. Experts say that no one can deny that Sachin Pilot is a popular young face in Rajasthan. Thousands and lakhs of people come to their gatherings. In such a situation, if a large number of people come in the upcoming general meetings and public relations, then this will increase the pressure on the Congress high command to consider the name of Pilot instead of Gehlot.

Why hasn’t the dispute been resolved yet?
According to sources, the Congress high command had made up its mind several months ago about the change of leadership in Rajasthan. In September, it was shelved following a rebellion by MLAs close to Gehlot. If sources are to be believed, earlier it was waiting for the end of Gujarat elections, then now it is waiting for the Bharat Jodo Yatra to end. In fact, the high command is holding back from taking any major decision so far because all the attention from the media to the public will be diverted from Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra to the Rajasthan dispute. In such a situation, if Ashok Gehlot or his close MLAs create some trouble, then the entire Bharat Jodo Yatra will be ruined. The journey that started from Kanyakumari is now at its last stop. If sources are to be believed then only after this visit, the high command can give some thought to resolve the Rajasthan dispute.

Why are pilots getting into the field even before the budget?
The budget of the present government of Ashok Gehlot is also going to come. The budget session of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly will begin on January 23. Due to the assembly elections, this budget of Gehlot can be populist. If sources are to be believed, Chief Minister Gehlot can make many big announcements for the public in this budget, so that he can benefit in the upcoming elections. Gehlot has also given many indications in this direction in the past. Even before Gehlot presents the budget, Pilot wants to appear in the public at any cost. They would like to maintain connect with the public through their general meetings, so that they can get advantage in the elections. It is worth mentioning that before the last election, while being the state president, Pilot went on the road and went among the public and the Congress also got its political benefit. That’s why this time also just before the election, Pilot has relied more on the politics of hitting the road.

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