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The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is on. Meanwhile, there is worrying news all over the world. It is feared that in 2023 there may be a global recession. Apart from this, there are chances of monetary crunch in America and Europe as well. At the same time, there is a consensus among experts that the growth prospects in Europe and America are also less.

WEF’s chief economist is predicting a recession in 2023. This has been revealed in ‘Chief Economists Outlook: January 2023’. According to a release from the WEF, ‘about two-thirds of chief economists believe that there is a possibility of a global recession in 2023. Of these, 18 percent are expressing the most apprehension.

According to the Forum, there remains a general consensus that growth prospects in 2023 are slim. Among these, the situation is worse in Europe and America. The opinion of experts about China is divided. “The decision to ease the country’s zero-covid policy with heavy restrictions is expected to boost growth, but it remains to be seen how the policy change will play out in terms of health,” the release said. WEF chief economists project high inflation prospects in 2023.

praise of india
According to Bhasha, India has joined the select few countries to develop their own food grain systems to expand the capabilities of small and medium enterprises. This assessment was presented in a study report of WEF released on Monday. This report, released on the first day of the 53rd annual meeting of the forum, said that countries that have been able to deal with the food crisis can also achieve a boom in employment, health and nature. Apart from this, they will also be able to achieve net-zero emission targets.

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