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Amazon Layoffs: Due to the sound of recession in western countries, many countries of the world have become alert. There have been apprehensions in many reports that a large number of jobs will be lost this year due to the recession. Amazon has also started layoffs. The company’s CEO Andy Jacy had told that more than 18,000 Amazon employees will be removed worldwide including India. Earlier a report had claimed that Amazon may lay off one thousand employees in India, which would include HR, tech etc. In last week’s blog post, JC confirmed that the company will communicate with affected employees after January 18.

According to ‘India Today’, as the layoffs began at Amazon, several affected employees took to social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to inform that they have been laid off and are ready for new opportunities. In India too, Amazon has done layoffs in other offices including Bangalore, Gurugram. The loss-making team has been hit the most. The fired employees include both freshers and experienced employees. Amazon has sent an email to the affected employees informing them that they have been removed. The company has also promised to pay five months’ salary to its terminated employees. Although similar promises were made by Twitter, but till now money has not been given to a large number of removed former Twitter employees.

The layoffs at Amazon have started recently and could continue for the next few weeks. In last week’s blogpost, Amazon’s CEO said that the company had hired more people during the Corona epidemic and that is why it is now gradually reducing that work force. “This year’s review has been more difficult given the uncertain economy and we’ve hired faster than we’ve seen over the past several years,” the Amazon CEO said in an official blogpost.

He further wrote that we are planning to eliminate more than 18,000 roles. Many teams are affected. However, the majority of layoffs are in our Amazon stores and PXT organizations. As some relief to the affected employees, Jaycee promised a few months’ salary, health benefits and other necessary help. He further said that we know deep down that this is very difficult and we do not take these decisions lightly. They also understand how much these decisions can affect people’s lives. We are giving a package, which will help the affected people.

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